Pauau Limited  

Origin of the word Pauau

Pauau or “celebration” as it was called in the old days was held in the spring to welcome the new beginnings of life and to embrace changes. Often the decision makers as well as visionaries of different tribal nations would come together for this occasion. During these general meetings the Native American Indian would settle arguments between different groups, form alliances and trade with one another.

The modern approach of Pauau Limited

Pauau Limited personifies a gateway to a global network of professionals and non-professionals working mutually together to offer their expertise and experience to restructure and /or expand existing investments and assets or to assist in sourcing or accompanying new investment opportunities.

Pauau operates (but not exclusively) in the following areas:

· Wealth Optimisation and Restructuring
· Wealth Management
· Real Estate Asset Management
· Think Tank
· Private Equity
· Venture Capital

All communication is handled with utmost discretion.

If you are interested to talk to us please send a msg to: info(at)